We ship at least 90% of all packages within 24 hours, so the rest is on the delivery service: for items shipped FedEx Home Delivery, that window is 1-5 days; for items shipped via USPS Priority Mail, it's 1-3 to any of the 48 landlocked States. We ship out of Ohio, so the closer you are to our lovely state, the sooner you can expect your items. If you are ordering a media item from us (book, DVD, or VHS tape), we ship those via USPS Media Mail, which can take up to 9 days to arrive. For about 10 months out of the year, it's typically much quicker than that, but once we hit the November/December holiday rush, please be patient. If you're looking for quicker options, we can always use a faster service, for an additional fee. Contact us for details.
For Ohio residents, our sales tax is included in the purchase price. There are no additional charges to the consumer other than the displayed price.
We will offer items that have been sitting around too long for our liking on PRICE DROP (search that string in our store for all results), where we permanently drop the price until it sells. We generally price our items to sell from the outset (or at least try to), and so we really never do percentage off sales or coupons.
Many of our products are sold at deeply discounted prices, so there isn't much wiggle room on individual items. However, some of the more "collectible" items we sell might be open to some haggling, as are orders of multiple items, or items that have been in the store for a while. That being said, no matter what you're looking for, it never hurts to contact us to find out: coldmanfive@gmail.com.
Aah, what a loaded question in this day and age! We will gladly price match any item found on eCrater, for a similar product, in a similar condition (i.e. new copies of the same movie; a bedding set in the same size with the same accessories), with no questions asked. If you see a lower price elsewhere, let us know and we will see what we can do, at our own discretion. In other words, if it will cause us to lose money or put us in a similar negative situation that doesn't benefit us, we reserve the right not to do it. However, we will do our best to come up with a mutual deal that benefits both parties.
Well, first of all, because there's a very good chance we're cheaper than other places where you might have seen it. Also, are you sure the other place you saw it wasn't us, too? ;-) There are a myriad of other reasons, as well, but I'll try to keep it basic: For starters, the price you see is the final price you pay. Shipping charges, taxes (applicable to Ohio residents only), and any other fees are included, and there are no additional costs for "oversized items" or "handling". We also don't have daily fluctuating retail prices, or any other questionable sales tactics. We also strive to ship out packages within 24 hours, so you'll get your items faster than many companies, who either wait to ship things out on certain days, or are so busy they may take days (or longer) to process your order.
To summarize quickly, it means it has sold. Once an item sells out, and hits an inventory quantity of what would be "0", eCrater hides the product from public view. If you came from Google Shopping, or a similar search engine, it sometimes takes up to 48 hours for sold items to drop off. If you bookmarked or otherwise saved the page, it will indefinitely say that, at least until I receive another one and repost it for sale (or delete the product page). However, if you're just browsing through my store, the item will not show up at all. So why leave it like this, instead of outright deleting the product page? Easy: these are items that I'm either interested in getting again, or frequently get. By keeping the product page intact, once I receive more in, all I have to do is adjust the quantities and repost, rather than having to create an entire product page from scratch. If you were interested in purchasing an item that's "On Hold", contact me and I will put your name on a waiting list, and give you first dibs if I am able to get another one.
Well the answer is very simple: You should leave negative feedback without contacting me first. HA, JUST KIDDING. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT DO THIS. I am unable to reply to feedback, and it's just a real crappy thing to do. What you should absolutely do for real is either contact me directly via email: coldmanfive@gmail.com, or reach me through the "Contact Seller" link on this site. I'm on email all day and will respond within 24 hours. From there, we can work something out that will be mutually beneficial for both of us. I handle everything on a case-by-case basis, but in most cases, the "worst-case" scenario is that you'll get your money back. Note that you will more than likely be responsible for at least partially covering the cost of shipping the item back to us, but we'll work all the specifics out. Now note I said "in most cases". If you've been using the item for a year and it breaks, well then that's kind of on you. But if you order something and it turns out to not be something you want, or even if you just change your mind, let me know, preferably within a reasonable amount of time (how does 30 days sound?) and we'll go from there. I want you to be happy with your purchase, and feel like you really got a good deal, because chances are great that you just did! Note that if an item is defective, incomplete, or otherwise not as described, we will also handle your shipping costs (within reason). So please contact us immediately and we'll get working on a solution that will benefit us both!
Short answer: Sometimes I price things too high. Occasionally, I even price things too low. In cases like these, I will change the price to what I feel like it should be. There are many possible reasons for this: Oversight, sudden competition, etc. If you catch me in the act of raising a price, call me out on it, purchase the item within 7 days, and I'll honor the old price. In the interest of fairness, however, I also lower prices without notice from time to time (usually within 2 weeks of adding it), so it goes both ways. This is different from PRICE DROP! merchandise, which are items that have sat around far too long for my liking and that I'm trying to move quickly; those price changes are always advertised.
We get this one a lot about our bedding, but it can pertain to many of the items we carry: The bedding items are either closeout items (as in, not being carried anymore), or items that are in damaged packaging and that cannot be sold as new. THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMER RETURNS. Other items vary, but I try to put as much information as possible in the listing title, so you know right off the bat what you are getting. For example, "Open Box" means that the box is either damaged, or has been opened in such a way that prevents a store from selling it as "new". "No Box" means that it is without retail packaging. "New" and "used" are pretty obvious indicators as to the condition. Be sure to read the listing completely, and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the "Contact Seller" form. We just want you to feel confident and comfortable with your purchase!