Terms of Service

We offer free economy shipping on all of our media orders, meaning the price that you see is the price that you pay, no exceptions. But what does that "economy" word mean to you? In the case of VHS tapes and DVDs, it means we send them via Media Mail, which can take between 2-8 days for delivery, but often takes much less (supposedly, Media Mail gets bumped back in priority during peak times, so you might see a legitimate delay during, say, the holiday season, but otherwise it tends to be as quick as First Class). For any other "small" item (i.e. a pound or less), we use USPS First Class Mail.

For larger items, we use either USPS Priority Mail (which typically delivers in 1-3 business days to contiguous U.S.), or FedEx Home Delivery (1-5 business days) whichever is more economical for us to use.

We do make every effort to send out every shipment within 24 hours (I personally drive them to the post office or FedEx myself), but please allow 48 before you get your panties in a wad...sometimes, our work schedules (complete with a one year old baby) overlap in such a way that it's physically impossible for me to drop them off in time. Rest assured that we will get it there as quickly as possible!

If you need a more expedited service, for whatever reason, simply shoot us an email at coldmanfive@gmail.com, let us know you want quicker shipping, and we will compare rates from USPS and FedEx to give you the most reasonable rate for your requested service.

HAWAII AND ALASKA CUSTOMERS: You just had to make everything difficult by either living on an island or in a cold pit of despair away from the contiguous 50 states, didn't ya? Please contact us first for an accurate shipping quote. Note that the free shipping offer is for the contiguous 48 states only, and we reserve the right to add a shipping charge to Hawaii and Alaska orders. However, if you contact us first with an address and zip, then we can try to figure out the lowest-cost option for everyone involved. Best case scenario is that it will still ship free (via USPS Parcel Post or similar service) but with added travel time. Worst-case scenario is you'll get it quicker, but with an added shipping charge. Worst- worst-case scenario is you'll leave empty handed, but we don't want that to happen!

PO BOXES: We DO ship to PO boxes. However, please note that we also reserve the right to request a physical address instead. Here's why: Some items we sell are large. There is a limit to how large Priority Mail items can be, before the shipping charge either doubles, or the post office flat out refuses to ship it as Priority Mail. This is why we also utilize FedEx, who are much cheaper for larger packages, but they are unable to ship to PO boxes, for obvious reasons.

Now, just as we can request a physical address, the customer has every right to refuse that to us. In this case, we will ship the package USPS Retail Ground, which carries an average transit time of 2-9 business days (as opposed to 1-3 for Priority).

PLEASE IGNORE THE SHIPPING RATES ON OUR PAGE FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. We quickly threw together a shipping scale with inflated rates not to dissuade people from ordering from overseas (although I'll admit customs forms are not my favorite things to fill out), but rather to show people a kind of "worst case scenario" in terms of price. Truth is, it's very hard to pinpoint even ballpark prices for international orders for a number of reasons, most notably my inexperience shipping larger items to overseas destinations.

Moral of this story is: if you want to order from us and are not stationed in the U.S., then please contact us with the item you're interested in, and your full address. This way, we can sort through our available services and try to find a cost-effective solution that will be mutually beneficial to both of us. Contacting us can easily be done via the "Contact Seller" link available on any page.

We understand that not everyone will be satisfied with their purchase, and that is why we offer returns on all of our items. There are two main stipulations:
-The merchandise must be complete, and in the same condition it was received (i.e. brand new merchandise must show no signs of use, etc.)
-You must CONTACT US within 30 days to initiate a return request.

If this criteria has been met, then you may send the merchandise on your own dime, and we will return the full amount (minus your shipping charges) upon verifying the item's condition. If you are unable to cover the shipping charge, we can refund the amount it would cost to ship it back to us first, and then refund the remaining balance once we verify the conditions have been met.

IF it is deemed to have been used, or is otherwise unsellable as new, then a "restocking fee" may apply. This is to help cover the cost of having to sell it as "previously used", as opposed to new.

To initiate a return request, or for more information, simply send an email to coldmanfive@gmail.com with all the pertinent details.

We pride ourselves on our prices, and strive to be the lowest price around. If you find a lower price, on the same item, in an eCrater store, then we will match it. The typical "rules" apply (item must be in stock and available for sale, item must have the same UPC or style number, items must be in the same condition (i.e. new or used), etc.) We also reserve the right not to match prices under extreme circumstances (i.e. would cause great financial loss, etc.) though should this occur, we will give you (a) specific reason(s) why.

We make every effort to accurately list the availability of all the items in our inventory. However, we do sometimes get proactive with our more popular items, by listing them for sale on other sites, which means we might sell something elsewhere and forget to update the counts here (after all, we're only human).

Should this occur, we will immediately notify you of the mistake and issue you a full refund. We strive to take active measures to ensure this doesn't happen very often at all, but we are only human, and these mistakes do occur.

Furthermore, WE DO NOT DROP SHIP. You can probably tell this from our prices and photos, but all of our merchandise is physically on-hand on our property, and personally boxed and shipped by us. We do often use stock photos for some of our items, such as comforter sets, but this is just to give you a better idea of color, and design, that just often isn't possible from looking at a bag; we also include pictures of the actual item you will be receiving.

We have set up a weight scale to help us determine shipping costs, based on what it would cost us to ship for every two pound increase in weight. However, this is a very unscientific formula, considering shipping costs are based on a variety of variables beyond weight, such as dimensions of the package, etc. Thus, our shipping costs for international shipments are rather inflated. If you are an international buyer who would like a second opinion on shipping costs, send me the items you are interested in, and your zip code, and I can calculate an exact price.

Note that there is no obligation for you to buy the product, and even if the original shipping cost turns out in your favor, it will be honored, so feel free to inquire. It never hurts to ask!

Note that we reserve the right to change or alter these terms at any time.

Sometimes (okay, maybe a little too frequently), we will mention that we are the lowest price on the Internet, or something to similar effect. These claims are made based on Google Shopping results served up to us at the time the post was made. These claims are not a guarantee (prices can fluctuate and we don't have time to check prices on every item we carry daily), but are wholeheartedly believed to be accurate at the time of posting.